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Alanya is a beach resort city that located on a small peninsula in the form of our South Coast. Alanya is a component district of Antalya Province and approximately 138 kilometres (86 mi) east of the city of Antalya. Alanya that constantly developing and growing city; while was a small town but now is known as the the Metropolis holiday of Turkey. Alanya has a typical hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Summer days are long, hot, and dry so Alanya known as "the place where the sun smiles". Sporting events and cultural festivals take place annually in Alanya because of its Warm-weather. Also it's suitable for triathlon. Alanya is the one of the our Tourism Paradise and it carries traces from the empires that have hosted in the past. A few of these places are Dim Cayi "Watercourse", Castle of Alanya, Kizilkule, Syedra Antique City, Pisarissos. Many tourist areas are also located in this district. There are lots of beaches where you can spend long and hot summer days and this is the one of the reasons why vacationers come to Alanya. Damlatas Beach in front of Damlatas Cave with fine and clean sandit has a magnificent beauty. The name of the Kleopatra Beach; "Cleopatra" possibly derives from either the Ptolemaic princess' visit here or the area's inclusion in her dowry to Mark Antony. In addition, with the boat tours organized by the sea you can enjoy the city's historic and natural beauty while you are having fun.

With all these beauties and possibilities, Alanya is visited by many local and foreign visiters. Many locals and foreigners have acquired property and have started living in Alanya. There are many summerhouses in the center and in the vicinity of the town. Prices vary according to the position. There are many stores in the center and in the vicinity of the town. Because it is one of the popular holiday destinations, hundreds of people are spending their time on the vibrant streets. Due to the fact that every region in Alanya has its own beauty, many attraction centers have been formed and many vacationers and Alanya people can spend time in the shops. Alaiye Street is known as the busiest street of Alanya. This street was enlarged and modernized in 2016. Bostancipınarı Street has also been renovated and became one of the prestige streets. For this reason, the shops on these streets have more precaution.

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